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Friday, January 27, 2006

Few thoughts... and some browsing links.

People should read this blog. It is written by some legal scholars (actually two gigantic titans of legal scholarship... take my word for it they are qualified for this stuff)

The Celtics made a big trade. You can read about it here. is a site that I frequent often, and I advise that you should as well.

Girls in So Cal generally dress like they just woke up from napping in a pile of cigarette butts at the brothel. I hate UGS, I hate the over sized glasses. It is sorority rush week on campus, and some of these undergrads are driving me batty. I'm not even 30 yet, and yet these girls make me want to shake my metal walker at them and flap my dentures about "the state of things, and kids today".

We get grades on Monday.


JonesWare said...

What da hey is UGS, I might ask?

9:47 AM

Jason said...

Sorry, meant UGGS. They are oversized boots that these idiots are wearing in 70 degree weather.

10:05 AM


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