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Monday, December 26, 2005

X-Mass spirit

So we went to see Munich tonight. A reminder to everyone that most bloodshed is senseless bloodshed.

Two nuggets of Christmas spirit.

#1) Waiting in line for tickets there was only one register open. I was waiting patiently in line with about 12 other people. Another register opened. Instead of rushing over to the new window, I decided to continue to wait where I was standing and wait for the next available window. As did most everyone else, besides this one peevish woman. She struts up to the open register.

Me; "Excuse me man, but you are cutting in front of everyone here?"
Peevish Woman "Hey, there's TWO lines here!"
Me; "Geez how bout a little Christmas spirit?"
Peevish Woman; "Well if that's important to you!" proceeds to role eyes and wave chubby arms
Me; grumble, cut in front of her and get my tickets. On my way out "Merry Christmas!"

#2) Going to Borders, woman pan handling at the door. We ignore her. At the end of the movie we see the same woman making an illegal U-turn in a spiffy little Sentra.


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